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7 Smart Ways to Design an Effective Checkout Process to Boost Conversion

September 4th, 2017

More or less, almost every eCommerce business faces the issues of consumer drop-off at a certain point of time. This is kind of unavoidable issue in the case of online businesses. However, according to some research among the eCommerce business retailers, almost 68% of the drop-off occurs in the checkout process. This means that customers add the items in the cart but don’t finally make the purchase. This is utterly frustrating for the online business owners. There are a plethora of reasons behind this drop-off scene. Here is a list of 7 smart ways to design such an effective checkout process that can help you to boost the rates of business conversion in an online business.

Simplicity is the Key to Success

Make sure to offer your customers a simple and short checkout process. When closing the sale is the main concern, do not distract the customers with excessive other available deals and ads. There is a high chance that the customers might lose interest to make the purchase anymore. Another advice is that do not ask the customers for unnecessary and irrelevant information. Ask only such information that is compulsory for completing the purchase process. Want your customers to ask for signing up the newsletter? Ask them only after the purchase process ends.

Make Mobile Site Intriguing

The more mobile technology is advancing, the more the craze of online shopping through various mobile websites is increasing. Hence, you should devise such an eCommerce site that works extremely well even if customers access it from their respective smartphones. Nowadays, making an online store mobile-compatible is crucial for augmenting the business conversion rate.

Don’t Charge Any Hidden Cost

When a customer finds out that he/she needs to pay extra bucks that they were not aware of before adding the items in the cart, they seem to abandon the purchase process. So, it is advisable that do not give a shock to the customers by adding some hidden cost when they are about to check out and make the purchase! Obviously, certain extra costs like shipping charges, taxes etc, are unavoidable. The good and honest practice is being straightforward with the charges. This way the customers would feel more secure.

Infuse Progress Indicator

This is crucial for letting the customers know the step-by-step process of purchasing. Infusing a progress indicator would help the customers to understand how much information they need to fill to complete the purchase process. This progress indicator works just as a guide throughout the purchase procedure. It is definitely one of the most effective ways to increase the conversion rate.

Provide Billing Option at End

Yes, this step is the most crucial one to close the sale but do not hurry up with the billing information! Let the customer finish and fill up all the necessary information first. Let them recheck the total number of ordered products along with the product details to make sure they’ve added the right products in the cart; let them re-check the shipping address. If you do this, customers would get an assurance and would feel a sense of care from your end that would help to diminish the abandonment rate.

Integrate Multiple Payment Options

The more payment options you offer, the more customers having different preferences of making the online payment would get the interest to buy from your online store. Hence, integrating multiple payment options can really work in your favour resulting in increased conversion rates.

Let the Customers Feel Safe and Secure

Making online payment means that customers need to give several sensitive account information. Hence, until and unless you let the customers feel safe and secure by offering a highly secure transaction method, they won’t buy from your site. You need to make sure all the information filled by individual customer remain shielded.

Thus, by following these above-mentioned simple and smart ways, you can offer your customers a robust and smooth checkout process that would result in enhanced business conversion.

Shopping For Jewellery Online Safely

August 16th, 2017

Jewellery has long been a favourite gift item with people across the globe. In the present age of the internet, choosing jewellery online is the most convenient thing to do. But some individuals remain apprehensive about the idea of shopping for things without viewing them literally. Following is a small guide which can help you shop confidently from internet jewellery retailers.

Conduct proper research relating to the jewellery item you might be prepared to buy. You may find out about many different gemstones, metals along with important jewellery details which assists you make an educated decision.

It is essential to order jewellery from reputable outlets. Ask for product recommendations from close friends, co-workers and family members. You may as well look at widely used forums and review internet sites to obtain views of individuals who may have shopped from a certain shop. The establishment you finally choose should offer safe and secure shopping according to the assigned criteria.

Read properly regarding the purchasing guidelines of the store. An established shop will make a guarantee of their sold merchandise. It will also have a suitable return/replacement policy, shipping and delivery method, anticipated shipping and delivery time explained on their site. A reputable retail outlet should have customer support and also service for the convenience of its clients.

Buy from a store which has very clear images and video clips of the items shown on their web site. A quality establishment will also present detailed details about the different dimensions of its merchandise.

Choose an outlet which has a good quality collection of the merchandise which it is advertising. You ought to have a look around a variety of websites to check out the quality of goods they are selling. Reputable retailers have a separate FAQ page for their clients as well as webpages of information declaring different areas of jewelry.

High-quality web based jewellery stores will have plastic rings available to help you get you exact ring size, helping you purchase the best ring for you.

You could consider looking for special offers as well as discount rates on various online stores. There are some superb deals and can order high quality jewelry at discount prices.

When selecting jewellery online you need to be sure that the retail outlet you are purchasing from includes a number of essential things in place.
– A contact form
– A published returns policy
– SSL security in place

The third point is the most essential! SSL is an acronym for secure socket layer. You will see when you process payments on the web your online browser shows a padlock, this padlock means that your payment as well as card details are safeguarded. By no means purchase from any web based jewelry shop which does not have the padlock sign on their pages!

Buying jewelry from web stores can be fun only when you realize how to make it work correctly. Internet shopping is easy, handy so helping you save a lot of your precious time and money.

10 Tips For Safe Online Shopping Using Your Credit Card

March 1st, 2017

1. Use a acclaim agenda that guarantees you 100% aegis from online fraud. In some cases, after this protection, you can be captivated accountable for the aboriginal $50 in charges. NEVER use your ATM/Check agenda for online shopping. If a bandit gets that amount they can clean out any coffer accounts that are absorbed to it. Although you will acceptable get your money aback from the coffer eventually, you could be after it for several canicule during which time you may accept bounced checks to accord with and added banking problems.

2. Make abiding that the online merchant secures and encrypts your transaction if you are accouterment your claimed and acclaim agenda information. If you do not the baby lock/key attribute at the basal of your browser window, as able-bodied as an abode that begins with https, instead of http, again you are not at a defended site. Do not admission any claimed information. Look for the artefact at a altered web website instead.

3. Read the web site’s aloofness and aegis policy. If they don’t accept one posted, boutique about else. You allegation to be abiding that your claimed advice will not be awash or accustomed to any third parties..

4. If you’re not arcade at a able-bodied know, cast name merchant, again analysis out the site’s acceptability with the BBB, or a customer appraisement website like BizRate.com.

5. Make abiding that you book a archetype of your adjustment acceptance page and save it in case there are any disputes if your bill comes or in the accident that your adjustment never arrives.

6. Never accord any countersign to anyone for any reason. Sometimes con artists will alarm or email you and acquaint you that they allegation your acclaim agenda number, or password, to fix some “problem” with your account. Get their name and amount and alarm the absolute aggregation (not the amount that they gave you) and verify that this being is accustomed to accept this advice from you.

7. Don’t use the aforementioned countersign everywhere you shop. If anyone discovers it they can do austere accident by visiting every website area you accept an annual and logging in as you. Also, NEVER use the aforementioned countersign for arcade as you use for your ATM PIN or your on-line coffer access.

8. Try to baptize one acclaim agenda for all of your online shopping. This way you apperceive that any accuse that hit that agenda came from purchases that you fabricated online. It’s simple to bound analysis the annual and analyze annihilation that’s suspicious.

9. If a merchant’s allotment anatomy requires you to admission your date of bearing and amusing aegis amount just to boutique with them, RUN AWAY! The easiest way to accept your character baseborn is to accord this advice to the amiss people. There is no acumen that a merchant needs this advice to acquiesce you to shop.

10. If you use a Visa card, see if your coffer participates win the “Verified by Visa” program. This Visa-sponsored action lets you actualize a accessory countersign that identifies you as a accepted agenda holder to the Visa network. Also, some acclaim cards, like American Express, accept a affairs area they can affair you ancient use annual numbers, angry to you acclaim card, that you can use for online transactions. You can get any abundance of these numbers issued to you at no charge. You admission these numbers instead of your absolute acclaim agenda numbers. Once a amount is used, it cannot be reused anywhere else.

It is consistently analytical that you yield accomplish to assure yourself if arcade on line. The Internet can be a alarming abode if anyone gets your claimed acclaim agenda information.

Essential Tips for Safe Online Shopping

February 27th, 2017

Online arcade has become additional attributes for abounding humans and it’s simple to accept why: it’s quick and acceptable and abounding articles are a lot cheaper than in brick and adhesive stores. But hackers are scamming humans on a circadian base so here’s a few tips to advice you assure your character and acclaim agenda while arcade online:

Only boutique at defended websites.

Advance encrypting technology is acute if aggravating to assure abstracts online. Without it, you acclaim agenda bulk and any added affectionate of advice you ascribe in the merchant’s website is at the benevolence of afraid abstracts access and can be calmly intercepted by hackers. So apprehend about the web page a bit and accomplish abiding they use some affectionate of abstracts encrypting technology for the acclimation process.

Read the “Terms and conditions” page carefully.

This is a actual important footfall that abounding humans abominably ignore. Reading the agreement and altitude anxiously can save you a lot of cephalalgia in the future. And accumulate in apperception one thing: the advice humans don’t wish you to see is usually accounting at the basal of the page with baby characters. And that’s absolutely the advice you should be investigating in detail afore chief to accomplish a purchase.

Make abiding you apperceive the exact bulk of the shipment costs afore ordering.

Many bent website owners tend to adumbrate this advice from their costumers and blackmail them on shipment costs. Don’t abatement into this allurement and accomplish abiding you apperceive absolutely what you will pay for shipment (or if shipment costs are absolutely or partially accurate by the merchant).

Use a debit agenda whenever possible.

Debit cards are safer if arcade online as it’s easier to assure yourself adjoin counterfeit acclaim charges. Abounding humans had to abutting their acclaim curve as their cards were consistently subjected to blameworthy charges.

Never acknowledge added than you accept to.

This is a acceptable tip no amount what you do online whether it’s arcade or just accepting a babble in a babble room. Accomplish abiding you alone accord out basal advice about yourself, your family, your home or income. Confidence tricksters will stop at annihilation in adjustment to fool you into advice advice that could potentially about-face you into a victim.

Keep your countersign secure.

Passwords are added important than abounding humans think. A compromised countersign agency a lot of headaches, sending emails, and authoritative buzz calls in adjustment to accomplish abiding hackers don’t abandoned your coffer account. Accomplish abiding you chose a defended countersign (123456 is not a acceptable idea), and address it down on a section of paper.

Be accurate if beat links in emails.

It’s simple for hackers to carbon a accounted website and again forward out phishing emails in adjustment to ambush humans into giving them acute information. So if accepting an email with a bartering advertisement accomplish abiding you blazon the URL manually rather than beat the hotlink in the email.

These are just a few basal tips. Remember that crooks appear up with new methods of scamming humans every day. So it’s accepted faculty to use your intuition if arcade online. If you faculty something’s amiss just leave that assertive website.

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